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Have you ever wanted to work with a Nashville producer who cares about your music as much as you do? A producer who is watching the music instead of the clock, and is willing to put in the extra time and effort that make all the difference in the world?

Shadow Lane Studios is managed by Phillip Wolfe, who recognizes that when you choose a recording studio, you are essentially placing your hopes and dreams in the hands of a stranger. Wolfe believes in treating people like he would want to be treated.

Phillip Wolfe describes himself in football terms as a "players' coach," and recognizes the importance of helping clients over the countless hurdles of the recording process. What truly distinguishes Shadow Lane Studios from other studios in Nashville is its focus on the principle that people perform best when the recording process itself is positive and enjoyable.

A 30-year veteran of the music business with Platinum credits and experience "on both sides of the glass." Wolfe has a particular talent for identifying just the right musical elements to complement the singer and the song. He is also especially good at recognizing what the singer or player does best, and bringing this out in the performance.

The Shadow Lane facilities are more extensive than those of many comparably priced studios, and include several isolation rooms. The studio features the best of the old and the new, combining vintage analog equipment and an assortment of high-end microphones with the digital technology of a PRO TOOLS computer system.

Studio fees are $35/hour, with customized packages available to suit your budget.

Professional players regularly available at Shadow Lane Studios include some of the best musicians in Nashville, at costs which are less than you might think. Any tracks played by Phillip Wolfe are covered in the studio fees.

Shadow Lane Studios offers the facilities, experience, talent, expertise, and positive working environment necessary to produce outstanding recordings. Clients leave the studio saying, "That's the best I've ever sounded!" or "That's what I heard in my head, but better!"



Shadow Lane Studios Photo


Shadow Lane Studios Photo