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Rooms and Gear

Trident Console   

The EQs and pre-amps of the Trident Series 70 console are highly sought after for their warm, thick sound. This vintage gem came from The Music Mill, where it was used for years by producer Harold Shedd, who launched the careers of artists such as Alabama, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tracy Lawrence, Shania Twain, and Toby Keith.


Shadow Lane Studios features an impressive selection of microphones, including a Neumann U-87, as well as high-end mics by B&K, AKG, Sennheiser, EV, and Shure. A wide selection of microphones are available for all applications.

Isolation Rooms   

The main recording room is 12.5' by 20'. There is an additional 7' by 7' iso booth. The control room is 12.5' by 14'. There is a separate foyer and waiting area, and a "break room."

Pro Tools   

The ProTools setup has 48 tracks and a full range of capabilities, including advanced editing capabilities such as vocal tuning and time compression, and an extensive complement of the latest audio plug-ins such as sample-based software synths.

Hammond and Wurlitzer   

A Hammond M3 organ and a Wurlitzer 200A electric piano are available, as well as a working 19th Century Netzow pump organ which originally resided in the Franklin Courthouse. The Hammond and Wurlitzer are used on a regular basis, but you could be the first to cut a track on the Netzow!

Percussion Instruments   

A set of congas, a djembe, tambourines, cowbells and various percussion toys are available.

Location, Location, Location   

Shadow Lane Studios is located in Hermitage, TN, just off I-40 about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville and Music Row. The studio is nestled in 80 acres of woods, with the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of a park. Studio visitors regularly see deer and a flock of up to 50 wild turkeys, and even the occasional baby owl.

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    Shadow Lane Studios Photo


Shadow Lane Studios Photo


Shadow Lane Studios Photo


Shadow Lane Studios Photo


Shadow Lane Studios Photo