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The songs below were produced by Phillip Wolfe at Shadow Lane Studios. We have chosen to post entire songs, rather than brief audio clips, in order to demonstrate the quality of arrangements and the caliber of professional players and vocalists available to our clients.

Jon Justice, The Rebound (Blues / Rock)
Written by Jon Justice and performed by the Jon Justice Band

Brighter Day  

Nobody's Bizness  

Mean Old World  

All In My Head  

Ric Kipp Projects (Cajun / Jazz / Americana)
Written by Ric Kipp

Last Night I Dreamed of New Orleans
Vocal by Holly Steele  

Moses Crowe
Vocal by Ric Kipp  

Stay Down in New Orleans

Vocal by
Bekka Bramlett  

Carlton Collins, Roses in the Snow
(Southern R&B)

"Chillin'" and "Whose Fool Are You" were written by Carlton Collins and Phillip Wolfe. "Seeing You Again" and "Fifties Radio" were written by Carlton Collins and Justin Dickens.

Dedicated to the Memory of
Barry "Byrd" Burton, 1948-2008


Whose Fool Are You
Featuring the Memphis Horns


Seeing You Again  

Fifties Radio
Featuring Byrd Burton


Chad Wilson (Country)
Vocals by Chad Wilson

Way Down  

Flesh, Blood and Bone


Rhinestone Cowboy  

Stephanie Lambring (Acoustic)
Performed by Stephanie Lambring. All songs except "Smells Like Teen Spirit" written by Stephanie Lambring.


Foolish Games  

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Peter Amato Projects (Country / Pop)
Written by Peter Amato, Robbie Nevil, Duncan Pain, et al

Forever Isn't Long Enough
Vocal by Karen Eden  

How Far
Vocal by Karen Eden  

No Boys Allowed
Vocal by Kimberly Jean  

Mark Holding Project (Pop / Country)
Written by Mark Holding

Summer Days
Vocal by Matt Randall  

Bruce "Buscoyo" Bellott (Cajun)
Written and performed by Bruce Bellott

Hurricane Party  

Mardi Gras  

Cajun Love  

Rachael Rodriguez (Latin)
Written and Performed by Rachael Rodriguez

Te Movi La Luna  

Isaac Zamora, Testing the Water (Jazz / Pop)
Written by Isaac Zamora

Meet Me
Vocal by Holly Steele  

A Love So Deep
Vocal by
Rachael Rodriguez  

Only Human
Vocal by Chris Schafer  

Vocals by Chris Schafer and
Holly Steele  

Feel the Rhythm
Vocal by Chris Schafer  

Through Your Eyes
Vocal by Chris Schafer  

Seabillie, Toy Boat (Rock / Pop)
Written by Tim Bateup. Vocals by Peter Moon.

Don't Blame Me  

Theresa Jane  



Toy Boat  

Jon Justice Photo
Jon Justice

Bekka Bramlett Photo
Bekka Bramlett

Holly Steele Photo
Holly Steele

Ric Kipp
Ric Kipp

Carlton Collins Photo
Carlton Collins

Chad Wilson Photo
Chad Wilson

Stephanie Lambring Photo
Stephanie Lambring

kimberly Jean photo
Kimberly Jean

Karen Eden

bruce bellott photo
Bruce Bellott

Rachael Rodriguez photo
Rachael Rodriguez

Chris Schafer Photo
Chris Schafer

Peter Moon Photo
Peter Moon